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Making Android Accessories with IOIO

Title: Making Android Accessories with IOIO By: Simon Monk Publisher: O’Reilly Media Format: PDF Releasedt: February 2012 Pages: 70 Create your own electronic devices with the popular IOIO («yoyo») board, and control them with your Android phone or tablet. With this concise guide, you’ll get started by building four example projects—after that, the possibilities for making your own fun and creative accessories with Android and IOIO are endless. To build Android/IOIO devices, you write the program on your computer, transfer it to your Android, and then communicate with the IOIO via a USB or Bluetooth connection. The IOIO board translates the program into action. This book provides the source code and step-by-step instructions you need to build the example projects. All you have to supply is the hardware. Learn your way around the IOIO and discover how it interacts with your Android Build an intruder alarm that sends a text message when it detects movement Make a temperature sensing device that logs readings on your Android Create a multicolor LED matrix that displays a Space Invader animation Build an IOIO-powered surveillance rover that you control with your Android Get the software and hardware requirements for creating your own Android/IOIO accessories


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