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Windows Phone 7 Development Internals

Title: Windows Phone 7 Development Internals Covers Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 7.5 By: Andrew Whitechapel Publisher: Microsoft Press Format: PDF, EPUB Released: May 2012 Pages: 836 Build Windows Phone applications optimized for performance and security Drill into Windows Phone 7 design and architecture—and learn best practices for building a variety of applications. Each chapter focuses on a single Windows Phone building block or feature area, and shows you how to apply it in your applications. If you’re an experienced .NET developer familiar with Microsoft® Silverlight®, you’ll gain deep insights into the Windows Phone platform design and API surface. Discover how to: Master the Windows Phone application model, including its lifecycle and events Use Silverlight UI controls to create engaging applications Manage databinding and decouple architectural layers with the Model View ViewModel pattern Employ built-in sensors such as Assisted GPS, the accelerometer, and camera Use media services APIs for video streaming, as well as audio input and playback Consume web services and connect to the cloud through Windows Azure™ Apply Windows Phone 7.5 enhancements, such as multitasking and Fast Application Switching


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