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Professional Windows 8 Programming

Title: Professional Windows 8 Programming: Application Development with C# and XAML By: Nick Lecrenski, Doug Holland, Allen Sanders, Kevin Ashley Publisher: Wiley / Wrox Format: PDF, EPUB Released: 504 Pages: December 2012 It is an exciting time to be a Windows developer. The arrival of Windows 8 is a complete game changer. The operating system and its development platform offer you an entirely new way to create rich, full-featured Windows-based applications. This team of authors takes you on a journey through all of the new development features of the Windows 8 platform specifically how to utilize Visual Studio 2012 and the XAML/C# languages to produce robust apps that are ready for deployment in the new Windows Store. Professional Windows 8 Programming: Learn how to utilize XAML to create rich content driven user interfaces Make use of the new AppBar to create a chrome-less menu system See how to support Sensors and Geo-location on Windows 8 devices Integrate your app into the Windows 8 ecosystem with Contracts and Extensions Walks you through the new Windows 8 navigation system for multi-page apps Minimize code with Data Binding and MVVM design patterns Features tips on getting your app ready for the Windows store Maximize revenue for your app by learning about available monetization strategies


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